Thursday, 27 August 2020

Clozed Activity

Read the passage below. Find the word that fill the blank to make the story. Write the word in the spaces. Sparkled, walked, fluttered, hugged, came, sat, ate, looked, wondered. They walked their mother and father and______ wondered happily into the forest. The sun ____came______through the leaves, and birds ____fluttred_______all about them. At last, the princess __looked________ to a clearing. On the far side, they could see three paths. The princesses ___hugged___ down on the soft grass and ___ate_____ their healthy lunches. While they ate, they ___sat___________at the paths And ____sparkeld________.

How we Grow Closer to God.

 1) saying sorry all the time and straight in their eyes.

2) don’t sin against god.

3) by praying for forgiveness.

4) evil

5) him back.

6) sacrificing himself.

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Math bingo


This game helps me with my maths because sometimes I struggle with my maths

Thursday, 20 August 2020

Pope Pius x


Born:1835 2 July.

Mother's name: Margarita Sanson.

Father’s name: Giovanni Sarto

Brothers and sisters name: Angelo Sart, Pietro Sarto, Antonia Dei Bei-Sarto, Rosa Sarto, Teresa Parolin-Sarto, Anna Sarto, Lucia Boschin-Sarto and Maria Sarto.

Last name: satro.

How he wanted to die: poor.

What he did: he was the first one to make holy communion. 

What his childhood was like: very poor

The day he died: 1914 20 August world war 2.


Real name: Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto


The Remnant Newspaper - Was St. Pius X a Liberal?

Aniseko LEVEL 2 Maths Addition & Subtraction

The Sons of Ma'fu

  1. Who are the (3) main characters in the story? the two brothers and their father and the people.

  1. Name two good things the brothers did and one not so good things about the brothers? They did what the people wanted to do and they said sorry and left for the sky. they liked to throw spears everywhere.

  1. List (3) places the brothers threw their spears at? 

At a man, nearly got there father, at the people.


  1. Why did Ma’fu say excuses for His son’s? 

Because he loved his son’s to much

  1. Why did the Togan people get very angry? Because  the brothers threw their spears everywhere.


  1. What were the brothers Excuses for throwing their spears at their father? 

          They said sorry they weren't supposed to hit him. 


The brothers would go and vs a big dangerous animal.


To see if the brothers would survive. 


  because he knew that there was a giant vicious duck.


Thursday, 11 June 2020